Our passion is casting


You are on the lookout for a certain material?

Steel casting, grey cast iron, nodular cast iron, aluminium casting, die-cast zinc? Or do you require some other material?

You prefer a specific moulding process?

Sandcasting, shell moulding casting, Investment casting? Lostwax casting, Lostfoam casting?

You are interested in moulds and cores made of furan resin sand or in other core technologies like cold-box and hot-box?

We further offer: casting tools made of wood, synthetic material, metal and polystyrene; tools for the manufacture of forged parts. Surface treatment such as priming, painting/lacquering, galvanizing, chrome-plating and a lot more. Machining after all machining procedures.

Delivery – if you wish – to your in-house warehouse. Or would you prefer a consignment stock? Let us know!


In their worldwide operations our team of experts is supported by competent local sales representatives, who supervise the manufacture of your products. Should, in spite of all precautions, a problem occur, it will be eliminated by our team as quickly as possible.

As we ourselves are certified according to ISO 9001 by TÜV-Süd, we strictly take care that our suppliers verify the same quality standard.

In the area of Automotive Industry we demand the highest standard according to IATF 16949.