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Which material and which casting procedure is best for the manufacture of your product?

We supply products made of all kinds of materials and according to all standard casting procedures (e.g. sand casting, shell moulding, pressure die-casting, gravity die casting, investment casting, Lost-Wax-procedure, Lost-Foam procedure and full mould casting).

Our experts will be pleased to deal with your questions and wishes. Knowing your requirements ZIRLGUSS will provide you with profound expert advice and look for the most suitable producer with the best prices and situated in allowable distance to your location.

Quality and tradition for more than 100 years



In the year 1900 Ing. Johann Zirl joined a foundry located in Graz, Karlauergürtel 29, which had been in existence since 1889, and so he set up the company which has been owned by his family for three generations.

In Zirl’s family trade and the spirit of entrepreneurship were a tradition. In the long line of ancestors one will find masters of tin casting as well as manufacturers of porcelain (Persch Porzellan), but also a great man who made a real difference to our world: the Protestant Reformer Martin Luther. DDI Hans Zirl is his descendant in the thirteenth generation.

In 1921 the foundry was set up on the grounds of Graz, Alte Poststraße 391, where production was continued until the foundry was closed down in 1992.




In 1921 the foundry was built on the area of Alte-Post-Straße 391.
At this location, the foundry produced until its closing in 1992.



As the only son, Herbert Zirl entered his father’s company already in 1928. He led it successfully through the war years and post-war years and, after a period of recovery, was also successful with the production of manhole covers and ingot moulds for steel plants.

Even today, manhole covers made by the ZIRLGUSS Company can still be found in numerous Austrian towns and villages.





As the manager of the company Herbert Zirl was a man of great authority and professional competence; as a business partner he was held in high esteem for his respectability and handshake quality.

These qualities were passed on to Herbert Zirl’s son and successor DDI Hans Zirl, who, as the eldest son of the family, entered his father’s business after graduating from the Montanuniversität Leoben and successfully completing his studies of economy at the University of Munich. Hans Zirl joined the company as a qualified foundry expert and took over the management of the business after his father’s retirement. He modernised the business by introducing the electric melting procedure and, to a large extent, switched production over to steel casting.

In 1989 DDI Hans Zirl had the pleasure to celebrate the centenary of his family’s foundry.





However, the political opening of the East led to increasing competition from the former Eastern bloc countries and to a dramatic drop in prices.

DDI Hans Zirl recognized that the days of his manufacturing business were over. He decided to close down his foundry and, for the time being, obtain the products which his customers required from Eastern countries with low-wage economy, later on also from countries like Turkey, China and India.

Due to his great experience, his profound knowledge, his careful and all-time attention and his constant on-the-spot presence wherever it is necessary, Hans Zirl’s business has become a much appreciated and reliable partner of both producers and consumers of foundry products all over Europe and worldwide.

Paying tribute to the spirit of modern times, DDI Hans Zirl decided to take one more innovative step:





He moved his company ZIRLGUSS to a modern office building, which meets all technical requirements, in Graz, Triesterstraße 367. Moreover, he has increased his team to ensure that the values of tradition and experience are combined with all the requirements of a modern high-tech business.

The highly motivated team of the company ensures that every order is treated with specialist knowledge, constantly looked after and carried out perfectly.

Casting experts who work for ZIRLGUSS on the spot in the respective manufacturing countries ensure that the „Supply Chain“ runs smoothly and to the full satisfaction of the customers.





Together with their partners ZIRLGUSS have a global network of customers and suppliers at their disposal, comprising the European countries Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Italy, France, Spain, The Netherlands, Scandinavia, Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia and Ukraine.

Beyond Europe our network reaches from Turkey to India and China.

From our company headquarters we manage and control worldwide activities. Local casting experts of ZIRLGUSS ensure and carefully supervise the proper and punctual execution of all orders.

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A foundry history

ZIRL GUSS, situated in Graz, looks back on more than 100 years of history. DDI ( Master of Engineering and Economics)  Hans Zirl, direct descendant of Martin Luther, has led the company into the modern world with a worldwide network of partners.

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Mission statement

Our mission

As an internationally recognised trading company, we support our customers in developing products in sustainably successful partnerships.
Through innovative solutions in the procurement of castings, forgings and welded constructions, we enable them to gain a clear technical and economic advantage.

Our guiding principles

We offer our customers new solutions for the manufacture of their products so that they can increase their profitability and improve their competitiveness.
In our daily work, we pay special attention to providing our customers with the required quality at optimal prices.
When working with us, our customers benefit above all from our decades of experience as a former foundry.

We regard our suppliers as long-term partners with whom we work together on new solutions. When selecting our partners, we pay particular attention to their reliability and ability to meet our quality requirements.

Our highly qualified employees are always up to date with the latest technological developments and guarantee professional advice in all areas through their ongoing training.

Through a continuous internal improvement process, we increase our performance and thereby sustainably preserve the success of the company.